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Our Covid-19 Response

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit our country and the economy shutdown in March 2020, there was growing concern about families being able to pay for basic necessities such as food and rent. As the Grants Committee met in April 2020 for our review process, there was a discussion about whether MCF should pivot from our criteria of funding tangible assets to respond to new needs in the community that had arisen from the pandemic. This committee was formed to investigate how MCF should move forward.



Immediately, the Board unanimously voted to donate $15,000 to SHARE, Inc. of McLean to support their efforts to help families in crisis due to the economic impact of COVID-19.


Our Board reached out to Supervisor Foust’s office to find out what money was coming into the county and what needs they were hearing about. The office shared the CARES Act grant funds and Consolidated Community Funding Pool program information with us. They also shared the names of some organizations working in our community which were added to a list referenced below.


We identified focus areas most impacted by the pandemic:

  • Food Insecurity

  • Mental Health 

  • Domestic Violence

  • Service to the Elderly

  • Homelessness

  • Support of Frontline Workers 


We created a survey to send to non-profits and invited non-profits to share more detailed information with us and other non-profit organizations. 




Non-profits are staying on top of getting funding from CARES Act, PPP, and Fairfax County.

Private donors and foundations are continuing to support local charities. Most organizations are finding ways to serve their constituents virtually. But the insecurity of the future is weighing heavily on these organizations especially with the cancellation of fundraising events.  

The MCF remains committed to helping those in need during this time and in the future.  Please consider a donation to help us continue to help the non-profits who service McLean.

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